Signature, Inc. Enjoys Travel Perks, Holiday Parties

The President of Signature, Inc. detailed the perks his team members receive during the months of November and December. He also shared his thoughts on the morale-boosting value of holiday parties.

“We offer a wide range of perks to keep our Signature, Inc. associates engaged and motivated,” stated Kenneth Weinraub, the firm’s President. “During the holiday season, we ramp up these efforts to give our people even more to lift our people’s spirits and bolster camaraderie.” Signature, Inc. team members enjoy an all-expenses-paid vacation in November and a memorable holiday party to close out the year.

A hand-selected group of Signature, Inc. associates recently ventured to Las Vegas for a vacation to remember. The President explained, “It’s important to recognize your people’s achievements and efforts, and I can think of no better way than a Vegas vacation in which all expenses are covered. Our team members had a great time and even made some helpful new connections while they explored the bustling city.”

Weinraub also discussed the upcoming Signature, Inc. holiday party in Atlantic City. He commented, “This is always a fun night, and I know our people are looking forward to it pretty much the entire year. We have all kinds of great food and drinks at the party, but we also get to look back on the year’s achievements and project even more success in the year to come.” The President values this unique chance to take stock of what the team has accomplished and set aggressive goals for the future.

Signature, Inc.’s President Discusses the Team-Building Potential of Holiday Parties

Weinraub and the rest of the Signature, Inc. leadership group believe holiday gatherings represent the best ways to amplify a company’s culture. “You get to emphasize your firm’s priorities every time you get together for a big holiday party,” the President noted. “If you want to recognize individual achievement, collaboration, or community giveback, you can do those things as you have fun and make memories.”

Holiday parties also give professionals the chance to learn more about each other outside of work. The President added, “This is especially important when it comes to those who rarely work together on big projects. When you can bring different departments together to discuss key objectives and challenges, morale and overall productivity stand to make big gains.”

Signature, Inc. associates also become closer on a personal level by bringing their significant others to holiday events. Weinraub concluded, “Our people gain access to deeper personality traits and hidden talents just by associating in a different context. Being around each other’s loved ones is one of the best ways to grow closer as people first, and as coworkers second.”

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