Signature, Inc. Gives to Champions for Children Gala

Signature, Inc.'s President discussed an upcoming Tom Coughlin Jay Fund charity gala at which the company will be well represented. He also outlined the many benefits of giving to good causes as a team.

“We gain a lot when we give back to good causes in our community,” stated Kenneth Weinraub, the President of Signature, Inc. “That’s why we pursue volunteer and fundraising events to support a wide variety of nonprofits. The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund is one charity we’ve been proud to support over the years, and we’re excited about supporting its upcoming gala in New York City.” Ten selected team members will attend the gala with the President.

The gala is called the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Champions for Children and is scheduled for September 15. Signature, Inc. will be featured in the gala’s magazine, providing positive PR as an added bonus. Weinraub remarked, “We will be supporting the event with a $10 First and Goal Sponsor table. We’re looking forward to making a valuable contribution to a good cause.”

Tom Coughlin is the former head coach of the NFL’s New York Giants and Jacksonville Jaguars, as well as Boston College. He created the Jay Fund in 1996 to honor Jay McGillis, a player on his Boston College team who died from leukemia. Over the past 21 years, the Jay Fund has helped more than 4,000 families struggling with childhood cancer in Northeast Florida and the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.

Signature, Inc.’s President on How Giving Back Builds a Stronger Professional Team

The President appreciates the morale boost that comes with contributing to a worthy cause. He commented, “Our team members become closer on a personal level when they give back. They learn about the talents of their coworkers which they might not get to see during their daily collaborations. Knowing these talents exist help our team come together even more effectively around the Signature, Inc. office.”

Team members also gain fresh perspectives on the value of their work when they support good causes in the community. “Our people work so hard every day to reach the benchmarks they set for themselves,” Weinraub explained. “It can be easy to lose sight of the impact they can make through their dedication. When we give back to an organization like the Jay Fund, our people are reminded of how their professional success creates opportunities to make a difference. There’s always a motivation boost that comes along with our charitable efforts.”

 About Signature Inc.

 Signature is an award-winning leader in marketing and promotions. The firm is renowned for their work with key telecommunications and home improvement brands. They have even been recognized by both Verizon and Inspire Energy for providing outstanding solutions. The experts deftly analyze, identify, and launch marketing solutions that leave lasting impressions. Signature is supported by core values of integrity, innovation, and passion. As such, the firm has become a driving marketing force in the Philadelphia region. In addition to marketing prowess, Signature has a strong commitment to the community. They contribute to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation and many other worthy causes. Learn more about this thriving firm by visiting its website

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