Signature, Inc.'s Kenneth Weinraub Discusses Jay Fund

​​The Signature, Inc. team works hard to fulfill a company-wide commitment to philanthropy. The firm’s President elaborated on the group’s most recent fundraising efforts to benefit Tom Coughlin’s Jay Fund Foundation.

“At Signature, Inc., we are dedicated to maintaining a strong team and setting ambitious goals,” said Kenneth Weinraub, the company’s President. “These values are perfectly aligned with our eagerness to give back to a community that provides so much support for our company. In fact, we recently scored a big win for a cause that is near and dear to us.”

During the Signature, Inc. annual holiday party, Weinraub and his team raised more than $30,000 for Tom Coughlin’s Jay Fund Foundation. The company President reported that over 100 people attended the event, and contributed by entering raffles in hopes of winning exciting prizes. The effort was clearly a huge success, and all the company’s associates are motivated to make an even bigger impact through their next philanthropic undertaking.

Signature, Inc. President Offers an Overview of the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation

“We support a number of charitable groups, and I couldn’t be prouder to have Tom Coughlin’s Jay Fund Foundation among them,” Weinraub continued. “Coughlin is a former coach for the New York Giants, but his work goes far beyond that prestigious role. The mission of his foundation is to help children and their families fight childhood cancer.”

According to Weinraub, the organization provides comprehensive emotional, practical, and financial support – from cancer diagnosis through recovery. With this assistance, parents are free to focus solely on the well-being of their children. It’s exactly what troubled families need as they navigate unthinkable circumstances.

“The fund was launched over two decades ago, in memory of Jay McGillis,” Weinraub explained. “McGillis learned he had leukemia when he was on Coughlin’s Boston College team. He lost his battle in eight short months, and Coughlin witnessed the pain he and his entire family endured. That’s when the esteemed coach vowed to do all he could to help those in similar circumstances.”

Since its inception, the Jay Fund Foundation has issued more than $6 million to over 4,000 families from the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan Area as well as Northeast Florida. Weinstein reiterated that he and his colleagues at Signature, Inc. are honored to assist such a worthy cause. “I can’t think of a better way for us to make a difference,” he concluded. “I look forward to witnessing all the good work the organization will do in the future.”

Source: Signature Inc.


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