Signature Raises Funds for Tri-State K-9 Response Team

Citing a steadfast commitment to philanthropy, the President of Signature detailed the team's latest giveback project. He also discussed the value in social responsibility.

“My Signature colleagues and I are proud to emerge as community leaders through our consistent charitable initiatives,” said Ken, the firm’s President. “We support our region in a variety of ways throughout the year, and our most recent effort benefitted the Tri-State K-9 Response Team. We had approximately 60 people attend a 5K race, and our team members placed first, second, and third in the event. In all, we raised $8,000!”

Ken offered specific information about the impact the Tri-State K-9 Response team makes in the region. The nonprofit serves New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Through it, trained and certified dog/handler teams respond to a number of crises. They help families and neighborhoods survive violence, natural disasters, and other catastrophes.

“With highly specialized expertise, these dog/handler teams offer comfort to trauma survivors,” stated Ken. “The agency partners with hospitals, schools, and other community groups, and these services promote cognitive, social, physical, and emotional well-being. These are all ingredients needed to maintain resiliency in the most trying times, and I’m incredibly proud of everyone at Signature for contributing to such a worthy cause.”

Signature President Explores the Intersection of Social Responsibility and Business

According to the Signature President, the team’s dedication to giving is part of a larger vision of social responsibility. They know making a difference in terms of social change does more than make the world a better place. As added bonuses, a philanthropic commitment appeals to consumers and even potential team members.

“People like to be involved with companies that give back with no direct incentive to boost their bottom lines,” Ken continued. “These companies benefit indirectly, with greater consumer engagement and talented individuals eager to join their teams. The long-range outcomes include reputations of integrity and higher team morale. The feeling that results from helping people in need is indescribable, yet palpable throughout our office after every giveback effort. Not surprisingly, it leads to greater productivity as well.”

“When the foundation of a business is more about value than profit, the possibilities are endless,” Ken concluded. “It’s a matter of reframing success. We certainly want our company to flourish, but we can’t do that if our community is struggling. An investment in the well-being of all is an investment in our future. It all comes full circle, and we reap great rewards as a result.”

About Signature Inc.

Signature is an award-winning leader in marketing and promotions. The firm is renowned for their work with key telecommunications and home improvement brands. They have even been recognized by both Verizon and Inspire Energy for providing outstanding solutions. The experts deftly analyze, identify, and launch marketing solutions that leave lasting impressions. Signature is supported by core values of integrity, innovation, and passion. As such, the firm has become a driving marketing force in the Philadelphia region. In addition to marketing prowess, Signature has a strong commitment to the community. They contribute to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation and many other worthy causes. Learn more about this thriving firm by visiting its website

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