Team Signature, Inc. Takes Advantage of Travel Perks

The President of Team Signature, Inc. highlighted the firm's most recent team travel event. He also discussed how travel perks contribute to the company's larger emphasis on setting challenging goals.

Over the weekend of April 13-14, select members of Team Signature, Inc. attended a national administrative conference in Newport Beach, California. Kenneth Weinraub, the firm’s President, explained that this event gathered the most forward-thinking admins and top performers from across the country. The many learning and networking opportunities made the trip a rewarding one. Weinraub noted that those who attended returned to the office more inspired than ever to streamline their methods and hit high targets.

Maddy, the company’s human resources manager, was a selected speaker at the conference. Her topic was the importance of having mental toughness in a competitive industry. Weinraub explained that Maddy’s speech focused on handling new challenges and finding ways to improve with each demanding project. He added that this is a way of life around the Signature, Inc. office, and that Maddy inspired people from across the country with her remarks.

Like all the company’s team travel events, the Newport Beach excursion allowed associates to learn more about each other on a personal level. The President explained that team members were happy to leave their work roles back at the office and enjoy everything the pristine beach community had to offer.

Signature, Inc.’s President on How Travel Incentives Contribute to Goal Setting

Setting ambitious goals keeps Signature, Inc. associates on track for increasingly effective outreach campaigns. With every successful customer acquisition initiative, team members set the bar higher. Weinraub explained that travel events and other incentives amplify this commitment even further, encouraging associates to challenge themselves and go beyond their comfort zones. 

Members of Team Signature, Inc. receive all kinds of chances to expand their horizons through ongoing learning. The President noted that there are plenty of in-office training options for team members, but getting away often brings even more rewarding educational experiences. Gaining insights from accomplished leaders in one-on-one settings is about as inspiring as it gets, according to Weinraub. When team members attend conferences, exotic retreats, and other events, they receive advice they can’t get anywhere else.

Recognition is a key part of the Signature, Inc. culture. Travel incentives are some of the most sought-after rewards for team members, because they know their hard work will lead to benefits that fuel future achievements. Weinraub stated that when associates compete for travel perks, they inspire the best performances from each other.

About Signature, Inc.:
Signature, Inc. is a high-performing provider of experiential marketing campaigns that drive lead generation and business growth for both up-and-coming brands as well as Fortune 500 clients. Their expertly-trained and versatile team members apply the latest research techniques to craft customized initiatives that make an immediate impact on targeted markets. Through highly-targeted campaigns, Signature, Inc. forges meaningful relationships between companies and their ideal audiences to achieve maximum conversions for a diverse portfolio of clients. Their exceptional service delivers consistent results that clients see in their bottom lines and market reach. Signature, Inc.’s commitment to innovation and customer service will ensure the firm a bright future as an industry leader.

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